SWAK Designs:Crystal Halter Dress

Hey fam! A feverish old me is reporting in the midst of dinner and copious amount of water consumption. But blogging beckons, and I love blogging so here I am. I hope you’re in much better health than I am this weekend! This is the second outfit from my mini-haul from SWAK Designs, and just… Continue reading SWAK Designs:Crystal Halter Dress

SWAK Designs : The Juliet Dress

Heya fam! I hope you have been keeping well. Today’s post is my first of a mini-SWAK Designs haul I have planned. This look is really different from what I normally wear, its a very girly girl look and sweet. Always open to trying something new! The Look SWAK Designs Juliet dress in Peach  in size… Continue reading SWAK Designs : The Juliet Dress

This Is What The Real World and Virtual Society Does Not Want You To See: The Outrage

This is going to be a helluva lengthy post so buckle up! Some of you may recall I was interviewed by an editor at CLEO magazine Singapore last year pertaining to how I found myself blogging about plus size fashion and body positivity. It was a triumph personally and professionally to have my plus size… Continue reading This Is What The Real World and Virtual Society Does Not Want You To See: The Outrage

The Batik Jumpsuit

So this is a post done for the blog Already Pretty where I am a guest contributor but I really wanted to share this outfit here!  I purchased this jumpsuit earlier in the year and the prints really reminded me of Batik prints which originate from the Malay and Southeast Asian culture. It’s kind of… Continue reading The Batik Jumpsuit

That’s why it’s Smart Glamour

Hey lovelies! So I took an unceremonious break from blogging for a bit to get my life back in order. My health was really waning and there was one ailment after the other, so I was taking care of myself. Now that its sorted, I’m getting right back into fashion blogging! I am well acquainted with… Continue reading That’s why it’s Smart Glamour

Blue Haze 

Hello Hello!  Now I wish the title  ‘blue haze’ was inspired by misty refreshing air my fellow Singaporeans could benefit from but No..we’re donning them N95 masks to avoid asthma attacks and respiratory trouble.  But life has to continue despite the dank grimy air so here I am with with my latest post done for… Continue reading Blue Haze