Sunset is still my favourite Colour..


I have a deep love for sunrises and sunsets, among other beautiful aspects of nature that sometimes we take for granted. 

Languages are my forte and the poetry found in phrases of different languages can take my breath away just as much as sunsets can. 

I heard this line from a Hindi song years ago 

“Sindoori Shaam Ho Gayi” which literally translated in English means It has become a vermillion evening. I am pretty sure I am not doing the translation justice but just think about that image for a moment. 

An evening splashed in shades of vermillion

This vermillion skied evening, I went to spend time with my mom and the fam.  It has become increasingly important, almost urgent to see her a lot more often because losing Maa delivered a huge body blow to my equilibrium. I’ve lost one mother. I plan to hold on to the woman who carried me for 9 months and then spent all my life reminding me of it (ah motherly guilt), close to me. 

It was a simple evening. My cousin’s wife came over with a cake and we wished the mothers among us a Happy Mother’s Day. Bhabhi (sister in law) started singing a Mother’s Day song…Archana (younger sis) and I grimaced at the song, we fed each other slices of cake and I just looked over at my mother from time to time in the evening. Just, reflecting. 

What I wore : 


Told ya I’m big on maxi dresses this season! This tan and white striped dress from Forever 21 Plus is SO comfy. These dresses are officially ordained into my casual Sunday looks. Sunglasses are vintage, I picked them up in a bazaar in a vintage store in Australia. Can’t remember which one. 

 From L-R: Lina (our helper who has become a part of our family), Archana (kooky younger sister), Momma with a Thug Life pose, Kamini bhabhi (who has been a mother figure to me since I was 15. I was the first person to see her firstborn and I practically watched him grow up until age 2, before I flew to Oz) and Me (in my purdy-nerdy glasses). 

As a fur-baby mom, I looked at my brood of 5 this Sunday morning and smiled. Motherhood comes in so many different guises. 

Love you Mommy. 

Love you Maa. 



Playsuit newbie! 3 styles one outfit

Hello Hello 🙂
How have my loveys been?
I love hearing from you guys by the way, so keep the comments coming!’

I purchased my first playsuit/romper 2 months back and was waiting for a chance to show it off. It’s gorgeous! And I decided to show the versatile looks you can pull off, should the shorter length of these outfits not be your thing.

Look 1 – the playsuit

Ooh this is the shortest I have gone yet! I was afraid it would be a bit much and I still have some getting used to with the length, but never say never because I wear shorts now and who knew that day would come?



Playsuit – Alice & You (ASOS Curve)
uk 18

green heels – local store, will update this spot when I remember where I got it from!

pendant necklace – Diva

This playsuit has it’s pros and cons.

Pros – It’s light fabric is great for the local climate, the print and colour is beautiful. It’s so vibrant!

Cons – not enough stretch, would have been nicer if the top was not a bandeau, a little more thigh room and perhaps a slight flair would have been helpful. I should have sized up with this one, or not gotten it at all .. but I’d been pining for it so I decided to get it anyway :/ Lesson Learnt!



Look 2 – playsuit with denim bottom

I figured since I’m not crazy about the amount of thigh showing, I’d pretty it up with a skirt and shrug, Aarti’s Casual Chic style 😉



shrug – Cotton On sz L
stretch denim skirt – River Island sz uk 18
chunky cloth and beads necklace – Lovisa
sunflower printed flats – Rubi

I added to the pop of colour of the playsuit with the bright shrug and added some floral to the shoes, plus the necklace for the complete vibrant summer effect. The look goes quite well without the shrug as well.



Look 3 – playsuit with harem pants

If skirts are not your thing and you’re loving the whole slouched pants trend like I am right now, this is your look.


black harem pants – Forever 21 +
chunky earrings – Lovisa
blue suede flats – Rubi

You could add a kimono jacket for a full retro effect. I’ve still not found The Kimono Jacket for myself as yet. Lots of them around but nothing that has really made me scream “Gotta have It!”. You can play around with a medium belt if you’d like to cinch the waist. A long necklace would go pretty nicely with the look as well.



Took me about an hour to complete the shoot, with the different looks and all but it ended with the hubster and I enjoying a beautiful sunset 🙂


Little details of the looks







This is me basking in the sunset 🙂


Here’s wishing us a great week ahead
All my love xxxo Aarti Olivia


Curves Around the World : Vacation (Home Sweet Home)


Hello loveys!
The theme for this week’s CATW had me in a quandary – looks for vacation/holiday. Vacation looks when Im not on vacay?

But the best place for me to feel relaxed and refreshed is at home. This apartment was in shambles when I first moved in but I redid the place from scratch over two years. My labour of love 🙂 So I decided to have this shoot at home.

The Look




printed maxi dress – Simply Be size uk 18

Here are some shots of home life :


This is my blogging space, reclining and looking out the window with music plugged in while I type away.


Schatzi chilling out opposite me 🙂


In the bedroom


This maxi dress from Thailand has got to be my favorite holiday outfit. It’s so comfortable, and works well as a swimsuit overall too.




Some of the artwork hanging in the bedroom



Some details in the bedroom





Like I always say when I come back from a vacation : There’s no place like home ❤


I promise to take proper vacay pics when Im headed for a holiday in August!

Chat soon ❤
xxxo Aarti Olivia

Plus size summer fashion with


Ah Summer.
Lazy warm days, Ice cream & Popsicles, Splashing in the pool, sun kissed skin, beachy hair 🙂

Us in Singapore experience summer 9 out of the 12 months in a year so we are very familiar with the climate. Of course, I wish we experienced the 4 seasons because it gives us something to look forward to. But it’s nice when the rest of the world (except for Aus & NZ) basks in summer together with us.
Fashion sure works in our favour then as well 😉

Having said that, not all of us plus sized folk are comfortable in summer wear. Shorts, camisoles, racer back can make a plus sized girl feel self conscious.

But, thanks to the burgeoning plus size community and fashion industry, we are seeing a sea change. We have more options. Sure, I like wearing a pair of shorts or overalls on a sunny day but there are somedays I’d like something different.

I was approached by – a company that prides itself in having the world’s largest collection of plus size clothing – to share with my readers their blog post on summer fashion trends for 2014.

A plus size guide to summer fashion trends? I’m in!

I always keep a keen eye out on seasonal trends or flavours of the month and I’d missed out on doing a blog post on Spring fashion so I’m glad to make up for that.

The link to their post can be found Here

Note : I don’t gain anything from this, it’s just for you guys to get some fashion tips for this season.

Here are a few clothing items I wear during summer :

Boyfriend Jeans


Cropped Pants


Harem pants


Denim shorts


Plain coloured V-neck tees


Summer Dresses


Palazzo Pants


and a LOT of accessories!


Gosh this post reminded me of how
Much Id like to get done on the blog if not for my ill health that comes in the way. Sorry guys! Hoping to churn out more posts as I take better care of myself.

Cheers to the Summer of 2014!
Chat soon loveys xxxo


Curves Around the World : Favorite Song


Hello loveys,
I hope your week has been going well?
Im definitely looking forward to the weekend, it’s been a tiring week.

This week’s theme for CATW proved to be quite challenging. But you know I’m always up for a challenge 😉

Picking the song was like looking for a needle in the haystack! I didn’t know where to begin. Should I pick a song that I have loved for ages? But I like a variety of genres – rock, heavy metal, big band, jazz, electronica, neo-soul, soul, Drum and Bass, Hip Hop, World music, alternative & folk rock.

So you can see the conundrum.

I finally decided on a song that I’ve been listening to for a while – Do My Thang by Estelle Featuring Janelle Monae. You can sample the song Here

It’s one of my Happy tunes, I especially enjoy listening to it when I am getting dressed for a blog shoot. If you have a listen to the song, you’ll know why 🙂
It’s got spunk and sass. The lyrics go something like this :

“I can’t wear my clothes like you, because I’m not
I can’t do my hair like you, because I’m not
I can’t walk around like you, because I’m not
I can’t do my thing like you, well that just ain’t hot
And If you are expecting me to give you an apology
For being nothing like you’re used to
Well go on right ahead and wait
Hold your breath and concentrate
Keep holding till your face turns blue

My road, it ain’t your road, but trust i know, i just where I’m going
My flow it ain’t your flow, but trust I know, I just how I’m flowing
I’ma do my thing
I’ma do my, I’ma do my thing
Please feel free to hate and complain
Cause I’m a do my thing
I’ma do my, I’ma do my thing
Say what you like cause this one ain’t gonna change”

I’m unapologetic about being the way that I am. Plus sized, geeky, sassy, introverted.

The Look :




Black & White colour blocked mini bodycon dress – Cotton On sz L

printed fabric & metal choker – store in Jakarta

printed deep green flats – Charles & Keith

This was my last dress purchase at Cotton On, bought it at the start of the year. I say Last because just like a lot of stores that I used to shop from before, the buyers seem to bring in stuff in smaller sizes after sometime. So they stop bringing in XL’s, after the brand is a hit. I really don’t know why it happens, but I’ve noticed it for quite a while. The fabrics of the tops & skirts at the store have not been flattering of late. So I’ve stuck with casual tees and accessories from Cotton On.

Anyway long monologue aside!
I love the fit and stretch on this dress.
I’ve gotten a little more accustomed to wearing outfits below the knees over the year, so I would have happily posed for this outdoors but it started pouring like crazy.



Just having some fun, was playing the song during the shoot for some inspiration!


The fabric has a Lyra-esque feel to it and I like the curves of the white outline.

Little details of the look :




Music has kept me going during the most trying of times. Well, music keeps me going all the time. I’ve always got a tune playing in my head, always humming a tune in the shower. There’s a song for every situation in life!

I was brought up on Indian music of course and I love it to this day, especially the older songs. My love for all other kinds of music started when I was in primary school. At first it was just anything on the radio that wasn’t Indian! Then I gravitated to alternative rock for some reason. Learning the keyboards at 12 gave me an appreciation for classical music especially Debussy, Bach and Strauss.
I can identify most with this quote about music :

“Music is within people; so they are not afraid, so they can be closer to one another, so they can find themselves in each other.

Music is not only a gift, but also a service; not also a work but also a struggle, not only a mission but also a message”

Chat soon my darlings,
have a good start to your weekend
xxxo Aarti Olivia