SWAK Designs:Crystal Halter Dress

Hey fam! A feverish old me is reporting in the midst of dinner and copious amount of water consumption. But blogging beckons, and I love blogging so here I am. I hope you’re in much better health than I am this weekend! This is the second outfit from my mini-haul from SWAK Designs, and just… Continue reading SWAK Designs:Crystal Halter Dress

Olive green and Rust 

Heya fam,  I wasn’t planning on doing an outfit of the day post but I realised I had one to shoot for Already Pretty – I contribute fashion posts there once in a while. This is not the same look for that post, I obviously cannot divulge those pictures before they get published on AP.… Continue reading Olive green and Rust 

Curves Become Her turns 3 – a belated blogiversary edition 

My dear CBH Fam, I hope you have been keeping well and that the year end is coming along nicely. It’s been quite a year hasn’t it? All I hope for everyday is respite for weary souls and a little more understanding between people. Be it 2015 or 2020. It has been a while since… Continue reading Curves Become Her turns 3 – a belated blogiversary edition 

Inspired : denim jumpsuit 

I am an admirer of people with a distinct style sense who keep you wondering just what they’ll be wearing next when you see them on social media.  Helen Lasichanh is such a person. Model, fashion designer, wife of Pharell Williams – this reclusive lady has caught my keen eye many times over the years.… Continue reading Inspired : denim jumpsuit 

Unconditional Body Beautiful: Part 4: My Belly and I 

   Still playing catch up with the backlog on these posts!! If you’re not aware of what this series is, it is a blogger collaboration started by my blogger friend Rebequita Rose to work through our ongoing struggles  and triumphs with how we view our bodies.  So. About the belly.   When I gained weight thanks to… Continue reading Unconditional Body Beautiful: Part 4: My Belly and I 

Body Positivity 101 : What IS Body Positivity 

   Hello loves!  I have been mulling and mulling on writing a post like this but realised that this is not something that can be done with one blog post. There are so many voices out there, literature and facets of this umbrella term. My purpose is to break it down for those who may… Continue reading Body Positivity 101 : What IS Body Positivity