That’s why it’s Smart Glamour

Hey lovelies!

So I took an unceremonious break from blogging for a bit to get my life back in order. My health was really waning and there was one ailment after the other, so I was taking care of myself. Now that its sorted, I’m getting right back into fashion blogging!

I am well acquainted with Mallorie Dunn of Smart Glamour for quite a while now; in fact she was the first person to have reached out to me when I was new to blogging as Curves Become Her. We communicate online a fair bit regarding body positivity and the importance of an inclusive environment. I finally got a few outfits customised by SG at the start of this year! Cannot wait to show you the first outfit in this post and the other ones in subsequent posts.

What I love about Smart Glamour is that it is a 100% ethically made brand AND it is one of the most body positive companies out there. If you have a look at the website – the models and fashion shows are always showcasing diversity of size, age, identities and style among many other factors. Every piece of garment is created impeccably and with love 🙂

On to the outfit!

Photo 10-4-16, 11 47 04 AM

Photo 10-4-16, 11 47 38 AM

Betty crop bandeau top, Rosa pencil skirt

There is a cute story behind attaining this outfit! So this was actually part of the Smart Glamour collection a year ago and I remember missing out on purchasing it back then. Mallorie mentioned in passing that she still had some of this fabric and I jumped up for joy! This very ‘fine China’ (how else do i describe this lol) style is something I have been wanting to give a go for quite a while. Ideally this would have been perfect for CNY but no matter! I am still SO happy to have gotten this customised.

Mallorie has a useful YouTube video for taking your measurements if you would like to alter a look according to personal specifications – adding sleeves, a longer hemline etc. But it was pretty funny when I sent in my measurements that were slightly wrong and mind you I did the measuring myself! With her keen eye she could discern that I needed to re-measure myself and she was right!

I was nervous for sure while waiting for the outfits to arrive but all online purchases make me antsy anyway! Granted it took a while to get here, given the distance and the work gone into customising the outfit from scratch. But the end products were well worth the wait for me 🙂

Photo 10-4-16, 11 49 32 AM

Because I stand at a petite 5’2″ most crop tops are not really cropped on me but this certainly was the perfect length!

Photo 10-4-16, 11 48 10 AM

The top and skirt had a nice amount of stretch and the zippers gave me NO problem (plus size girls you feel me don’t you?). I adore the frill at the skirt’s hemline. To me, this is the perfect Spring look.

Little Details

colourful choker – Lovisa,  light denim wedge heels – Rubi

I must say I am really proud of my makeup prowess of late! The months of not blogging had me watching so many makeup tutorials and I made a few trips to Sephora (hubster’s most-hated store); and I am obsessed with liquid lipsticks namely from Jeffree Starr Cosmetics and LA Splash.


Check out Smart Glamour’s current collection and if you happen to shop there, feel free to use my 10% discount code SGCBH on the website. Aaaand if you’d like to get this look, Mallorie has brought in more of the fabric so yaaay!

Photo 10-4-16, 11 52 46 AM

Its good to be back!


11 thoughts on “That’s why it’s Smart Glamour

  1. I’m so glad you’re back and with this gorgeous outfit! I love the fabric but also the style complements the fabric and it’s just so classic and gorgeous! I love that when you’re buy a piece from SG that it goes to supporting a dream and it’s ethically made and she’s also body positive! Can’t wait to see the other outfits! You look beautiful.

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